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Products description

Black Fashion Luxury Bulletproof Vest is the best choice for those professional people with special taste, expensive habits and eye for quality.
The most important thing is that the product has high quality materials and silver nickel accessories which is a big advantage and a plus to your image and style. The beauty is that our way to do this, was to combine two countries fashion promoters, Italy and France for detail materials suppliers, tasteful and professional accessories.


You will not be protected by our product. You can wear it like a fashion vest with this kind of design, everywhere you like but DOT NOT put yourself in danger, because it is not a real bulletproof vest.
The price of the products presented on the site is expressed in EUR and includes VAT. The price of the products does include transport costs.


Our company grants for all products marketed the legal guarantee of compliance in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 449/2003 republished.
In case of lack of conformity of the product / products purchased from our company, the consumer has the right to request that the product be brought to conformity, without payment, by repair or replacement, unless the measure is impossible or disproportionate, or to benefit from the corresponding reduction of the price or the resolution of the contract regarding the product / products, according to the art. 13 and 14 of Law no. 449/2003.
Any repair or replacement of the products will be made within a determined time period, agreed in writing, between our company and the consumer.


Please keep the invoice accompanying the delivery for the case of subsequent complaints regarding the conformity of the product purchased from our company. The name, the model, the product code, the date of purchase, the price of the product can be found in the invoices, and in the case of a complaint it must accompany the product.
Do not remove the label (s) from the product. Failure to do so will void the warranty.
Please follow the label care instructions and the icons containing the cleaning and maintenance instructions for the product purchased by you from our company.
If you consider that the product purchased from our company presents non-conformities or manufacturing defects, please contact us as soon as possible at the e-mail : contact@bizooto.ro
The return of the product that in your opinion presents non-conformities and / or manufacturing defects will be made to: address: Strada Ardeleni nr 1, bloc 39A, Sc 1, Et 1, AP 5, Romania, Bucuresti, Sector 2.
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